Rhonda Begos-Zolecki

Rhonda Begos-Zolecki

Flipping Houses - What Does This Have To Do With Me

There is a house on my block that has been there since I started dating Mark. No one has lived there at least for the almost 4 years that I have been with Mark. Recently, a group of men bought the home, which I am assuming was foreclosed. It was pretty broken up, and looked terrible. I was afraid to go inside, because I figured if the outside looked that bad, the inside must have been pretty messed up, 


The men who purchased the home have now repainted the ouside, and added some things on the outside that are making it look pretty good. They work on it every day, go inside and pull out old wood, old bathroom fixtures. Right now, they are tearing up the driveway and it looks like soon they will be working on the yard and the garage. They have already replaced the roof. 


Flipping a house is hard work, and it takes a really special group of people to even want to do this. That is why there are so few who do it. They have to see something other than what is in front of them. They have to believe that they have the ability to change not just what people see on the outside, but that it's possible to change the entire home without knocking it down or blowing it up. They have to remove a lot of dirt, and sludge, and broken things - and then when it's finished, you see the transformation as in the picture above. The difference in how this applies to our own lives is the house just sits there and waits for someone to care. And when it happens, the house lets it happen. 


We have to be willing to let the right people flip up, when it's time to be flipped. 


It takes, as in flipping a house, a very special group of people - family, friends, associates - to see another side of who you've come to believe you are. Those people have to be willing to tell you what they see honestly is broken - and what they intend to do to help you through the process, but we have to be willing to hear those truths, and let those people start working WITH us, resetting columns, gutting out old issues, dealing with bad relationships, dealing with the icky releationship we've built with ourselves. After all, God is in the process of flipping us daily, because none of us are perfect. But we have to be willing to have it happen. 


I walk past that house when I walk the dogs, and I'm always anxious to see what new thing has been done the house. Every little thing that is added, opens up that window of belief that man, this house is really going to be something. it's every little something we do every day to love a little more, give a little more, love ourselves a little more, be more of what we were less of, and less of what we were too much of to dig into that person we truly are. The truth of how wonderful we are, and why we're here. 


I'm ready to be flipped. The only difference now is, I'm going to be like the house - and just let it happen. 

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