Rhonda Begos-Zolecki

Rhonda Begos-Zolecki

The Power of a Mother's Prayer

This picture symbolizes a lot for me. 


The cross was something that I painted at a store not very long ago. I decided to go to this place to paint, because this particular place brought me a lot of peace. I was there alone, and saw this cross that had nothing on it sitting there - waiting for me to paint it. The words came to me - "He Died, I Lived". It was really, at that point in my life, that simple in terms of how my life had come to change. He Died, I Lived. I painted it, and went back to pick it up. It hung in my apartment on Lloyd street for a very long time.


So much happened in between the time that I lived on Lloyd street and now. Some heartbreaks - people, family and friends, who have passed. Some friendships that ended, and some that began-it was truly a series of waking up daily to new things and being aware and knowing, even if for a small moment, that God was leading you somewhere.


A while ago, I posted something on my Facebook page about a very special person in my life who sent me a gift that meant the absolute world to me. It had seemed that for a short time, he and I really got to know each other much more deeply than we had before. He heard my story many times, but I don't think he knew about the positive changes and the effects that this story had on my life, until we began to talk. I know that he knew how much I had learned. I know that he knew how much pain I had been through, and had put myself and others through. I know he knew that I wanted him to feel that complete joy and love that he deserved to feel, regardless of where he was at that moment.


The rosary that is hanging from this cross, is the rosary of the mother of Ted Perry. He told me that he was sending me a gift - and I didn't know what to expect. When I opened the envelope and saw that rosary, I was brought to tears, and cry as I write this now - because in a very short amount of time, he saw something in me that sometimes, I have trouble seeing in myself. Value. Worth. Purpose. And he related this to his mom, which I cannot even put into words how much that meant to me, and how much my life had change after that.


I have not shared this with Ted, but I've looked at it a few times - this rosary, and almost didn't feel deserving of holding it. However, after the tragic news of my friend's loss of her brother this past weekend, I took the rosary off of the cross early this morning, and I wrapped it around my hand and began saying Hail Mary's. And how appropriate - Hail Mary, of course, experienced the worst thing that a mother could experience. The loss of a child, and yet she believed that God would be there. That God would give her the strength to hold on to the hope that life was still livable, and that those spirits NEVER EVER die.


I didn't know Ted's mother, but I knew...I KNEW in holding this rosary that...

- She was feisty, but had an amazing heart

- She never wanted anyone to mistake her kindness for stupidity

- She knew just what to say, and when to say it

- She somehow could tell when things were wrong, and knew when to speak up, but stepped back when it wasn't her place to say something

- She was a praying woman who adored her children

- She was proud of her children's accomplishments, but ultimately only wanted happiness for them no matter what they chose in life

- She loved God - and trusted the path, even if it didn't seem like the right way to go

- She did all she could to teach her kids the way to live not just by word, but by action - the right decisions to make - and the right path to choose


How do I know that Ted's mom believed this way?


Because I'm a mother - and it's what what I believe. Because my mom was the same way. Because my husband's mother was the same way. When I think about all of the worry, and the things that parents go through in doing their best to keep their children safe and secure, and the pain that comes with loss, or with feeling as if you've lost the battle....I just can't imagine what that must feel like.


But when I had this rosary this morning, and I held it as I said those Hail Mary's, I thought about Mary and I thought about what she must have felt watching a child that she gave birth to go through that pain - and then to be standing there drowned in her tears, KNOWING that God was there....I suspect this is how all mother's feel. And that is what a mother's prayer is. It is love in it's truest form. It is faith that goes beyond understanding. It is unselfish in its very existence.


It is what Mother's do. And I'm thankful for mine, for Mary, for Ted's mom who indirectly is DIRECTLY affecting my life. For all mothers. Because as it definitely holds true for Mary, so it does for all mothers.


"Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus."



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